I am very pleased with the quality of my bathroom remodel. It is absolutely stunning and could be pictured on Houzz. The estimate I received was what I paid within a few hundred dollars (and the extra was due to the higher end fixtures that I chose to use). I gave an “A” for price because they were right on target with the estimate.
Dana was easy to contact and made sure to check in with me throughout the process. His wife, Doni, helped with choosing tiles, cabinets, and colors. Joe completed most of the work at the house. Joe’s work was outstanding! He cares about quality and doing things right. He communicated with me as needed, making sure I approved the work at certain points throughout the process. I highly recommend him!
The project did take a few days longer than expected. Part of this was due to a hold up on delivery with the bathtub. They told me what was happening and kept me up-to-date. The delays were minor and I would much rather have quality work rather than rushed work.
I would absolutely recommend Condon Contracting.